Emma Watson pens letter to Savita Halappanavar

Emma Watson, actress and activist has written a powerful letter to a woman who died in Ireland after being denied an abortion.

Dr. Savita Halappanavar was a 31-year-old dentist who suffered a septic miscarriage in Ireland in 2012. Watson’s letter first appeared in the Autumn issue of Porter magazine.

According to the Irish Times, Dr. Halappanavar was admitted to Galway University Hospital on October 21, 2012, where doctors determined that she was miscarrying at 17 weeks pregnant. Despite her requests however, she was not allowed an abortion. The Times adds that Halappanavar grew “increasingly ill” over the next several days prior to her death on October 28, 2012.  Research has revealed that Dr. Halappanavar wouldn’t have passed, if allowed an abortion.

Her death was the catalyst for Ireland ending its abortion ban earlier this year.  Emma’s letter began by acknowledging that Halappanavar “didn’t want to become the face of a movement; you wanted a procedure that would have saved your life.”

The actor’s letter highlighted the battles that many women have to tackle today  with regards to reproductive freedom. Emma noted that many places in the world, such as Northern Ireland and Argentina still have strict abortion rules. “In your memory, and towards our liberation, we continue the fight for reproductive justice,” her letter concluded.

Emma also shared tips for readers who want to help fight reproductive injustice. She noted two organisations that provide both financial and confidential support: the Abortion Support Network and Women Help Women.

Porter’s recent issue celebrates the women of 2018, and also includes a letter to the fashion industry by Cameron Russell about sexual harassment and a letter by Meryl Streep about the importance of journalism.

To read Emma’s full letter, visit Porter magazine.

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