Five ways to be body confident every day


In the United Kingdom, 27% of teens surveyed in today’s generation care more about their appearance than their physical health.
22% of girls are also tempted by plastic surgery. Shocked yet? So are we.

Body confidence should be celebrated and discussed all the time. Having a negative perception of your body can have an impact on you both physically and mentally. Nobody has it perfect though. Everyone has some dimples or marks they wish they didn’t. We should be challenging and changing the notion of a ‘perfect body’ and accept everyone for who they are. So how do we maintain a body positive lifestyle? I have compiled an awesome list of ways to help you practise body confidence every day.

Get your exercise on– I have personally found that I love my body more when I am working out. Doing regular exercise can not only help your body confidence but it releases endorphins and makes you feel happier. Just as Elle Woods said. Exercise also reduces anxiety and depression. Remember though, you need to do everything in moderation and exercise could just be a walk around the block or dancing around the living room.

Do things that actually make you happy– Stop hiding yourself away feeling negative. Find the things that make you happy and feel confident and never stop doing them. Get yourself out there and find the things that are going to build your confidence and make you look and feel amazing. Journalling is a great tool to keep track of patterns so you can start seeing when you’re starting to doubt yourself.

Stop judging yourself- You need to give yourself a break. Your body works incredibly hard every day and you should thank it not judge it. I am 100% guilty of judging and comparing myself to other people but who cares? Unfollow the people who you’re comparing yourself to and follow people that are going to make you feel better about yourself not worse. Instead of finding flaws on your body find the things that make your body amazing.

Do everything with positivity- Surround yourself with positive people and do positive things. Simple. Make an effort to be positive and that the people that you are associating with are there to build you up not pull you down. After all, everyone is either a drain or a radiator. I have also found that meditation is amazing to help you reflect on your day. The Headspace app is now a staple in my nighttime routine.

Seek help if you feel you need it- Losing weight to make yourself feel more body confident isn’t always the answer. If your negative thoughts about yourself or your body become too overwhelming remember to seek advice or help. It doesn’t have to be from a medical professional, sometimes just talking to a friend, partner or family member about how you are feeling can make a massive difference. Find solutions not more problems.

Your health and happiness are the most important components of your life. If something is making you feel self conscious or body negative, cut it from your life. Body confidence is not something that everyone has. In fact most people have to work on it every single day. Remember how amazing you are and how incredibly powerful your body is.

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