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We are in uncertain times, a period that seems scary and bleak. With the postponement of the Smart Girl Tribe Summit we have been working away mind-mapping and making lists. Our thoughts and prayers at SGT HQ are with everyone whose families and friends have been affected by COVID-19.

To brighten up your days we will be delivering a lot of new content, all of which you can find below. Because you might just find that a break from Netflix and Amazon Prime is good.

Join our Choose Happy challenge.

For the next 7 days, inspirational content will pop up all over your Instagram and Smart Girl Tribe is behind it. I have found it easy to be sad during this time which is why we are starting a happy movement. Post on your Instagram feed or story something that makes you happy, add the hashtag #happytriber and tag us @smartgirltribe. We will be sharing all our favourites, and you have no idea who you may be helping.

There will be a new blog post every morning.

Every morning you will find a new post on smartgirltribe.com, we will be focusing on mental health, feminism and careers.

The day has come to join Tik-Tok

Okay, I am almost as shocked as you. Every morning for the next two weeks I will be uploading bite-size motivational tips. Given the current situation, schools and universities will soon be closing and all talks will be put on hold. It is only thanks to my fighting spirit and sheer determination that I am getting through COVID-19 and I’m committed to show up for you. Come and follow me Scarlett V Clark.


Every Wednesday at 6pm a new episode goes live on the Smart Girl Tribe podcast. We feature women who are driving change. No matter where you are in the world tune in via iTunes, Spotify, Podbean or Stitcher.


Every Saturday in your inbox you will find the Smart Girl Tribe newsletter, full of tips, tricks and tangible actions for you to take to excel both professionally and personally. Our newsletter is where you can get your hands on our exclusive content and discounts before anyone else. To sign up just DM us your email address or send it to info@smartgirltribe.com. We love to treat you and what better time than now.


We have some BIG news coming, HUGE even. We can’t reveal too much yet but it will be launching next Sunday (29th) so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

You know us tribers, we are always here for you. On top of everything else, we are also bringing you a brand new website so keep a close eye out for that. Make sure you join the Smart Girl Tribe society on Facebook which is a private group to keep your spirits high and listen to your woes. The times are uncertain and we want to make this coming period as comfortable and stress-free as we can. Let us know in the comments below what you would like to see from us and we will be sure to deliver.

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