5 Ways To Stay Mentally Active At Home

activeMany people during lockdown have realised the benefits of physical activity. Now, more attention is shifting to being mentally active too.
Going for a run is part of your routine, but what are some ways to keep your brain engaged?

The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring is the leading accreditation body for professional coaches. With that in mind, IAPC&M accredited coach Rima Dahdah shares 5 ways to stay mentally active during isolation.

Challenge your brain. Chances are, there are many people with an instrument or two collecting dust in their homes. Now is the time to revisit them. Not just as a way to keep occupied but playing an instrument or learning a new language keeps you mentally active. These methods have also been proven to improve memory retention and cognitive function.

Deal with stress. When stress and worries are out of control, it’s time to change your routine. Consider meditating. There are many techniques that you can try which don’t require specialist equipment – just you. If that doesn’t appeal to you, reading a book is a good distraction technique so your mind doesn’t wander back to the things you’re looking to manage.

Connect with friends and family. If you find yourself in the position where you can’t actively see friends or family, there are various ways to get in touch such as Skype or Zoom. Engaging in topical conversations, small talk and venting opens new paths of discussion, keeping your interest and maintaining a healthy, active mind.

Stay active. The mind and body need to be in unison. A moderate 30 minutes of exercise per day will have both short-term and long-term effects on your well-being. There are so many activities you can do that you could do something new every day. You may find it easier with a training partner, so consider checking out the video resources on YouTube that are free and have the coaches doing the exercises along with you.

Maintain basic good health habits. A healthy balanced diet is key to a healthy mind and body. Avoid junk food, fizzy drinks and alcohol and eat from a wide range for the best benefits. One area not to neglect, of course, is sleep. Too much or too little is not ideal however, so stick to a solid 8 hours of quality rest per day at reasonable hours.

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