5 Ways to Help Loneliness as Lockdown Eases

A recent study has shown that up to 1/3 of UK women are suffering from loneliness right now.

It might not be changing as lockdown eases either, you won’t be able to meet up with everyone and restrictions will still be in place. We understand how for some of you it’s going to be extremely difficult. That is exactly why we are sharing some easy hacks to ensure you get through this uncertain period with ease.

Leading UK life coach Carole Ann Rice is confident that there are some aspects in our control. Here, are her 5 ways to help your lockdown loneliness.

Keep it in perspective. Some days feel extremely long and without end but remember this will not last forever. You are in the best place to stay safe and well. There will be an end to all of this, and life will go back to normal eventually – so you have a lot to look forward to.

Make the effort. Sometimes you just want someone to ask you how you’re doing without having to be the instigator, but if you’re feeling lonely and cut off – reach out. Don’t wait for others to get in touch. Loneliness can become a habit and get worse the more you ignore it, so get in touch when you need to.

Set a routine. Make a deal with friends and family to stay in touch at set times during the week. This will help you establish a routine and have things to look forward to every day. Mix up video calls with phone calls and messages for more flexibility.

Set projects. This doesn’t have to be anything too ambitious but set yourself projects that can be completed over the long and short term. It might be clearing out a cupboard or digging the gar- den. Make sure they are achievable and enjoyable.

Practise daily self-care. This means establishing a routine that looks after you. Shower daily when you wake up, get dressed and eat at regu- lar times keeping a varied diet as much as possible. Stick to your routine to help you feel you have a purpose and reason to get up in the morning.

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