5 Reasons We Need More Women Leaders


Half of the population are women. Yet, that figure doesn’t translate when looking at the number of females in positions of power. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we need a greater number of women in leadership roles. Gender diversity isn’t only just a push for equality either. Women are key to any company’s success, meaning there are plenty of reasons to have more women in charge.

Genderbuzz is the number one feminist business directory; a platform created by women, built by women, and led by women. Today, their CEO Natasha Stromberg, is sharing with us 5 reasons we need more women leaders and how the world would benefit from this positive change.

To create a more compassionate society

Due to the masses of unfair and damaging gender stereotypes in our society, men have never been allowed to be compassionate. On the contrary, women are viewed and expected by society to be more compassionate and emotionally in-touch throughout their lives and as such, they are much better equipped to drive a compassionate society.

To lead in climate change

Climate change is an ever-growing issue that is (strangely) controversial among our world leaders. Male leaders often turn a blind eye, not thinking of the urgency of the issue. You can’t deny the facts forever. As women, we generally care more about the earth, focusing on the greater picture and less on greed and overindulgence. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, if women had the same access to productive resources as men, they could increase yields on their farms by 20-30%. In turn, this would raise total agricultural output in developing countries by 2.5-4%.

To represent women

It’s incredible to think just how under-represented women are in substantial roles, whether it be political or business-related. Women need to feel encouraged to stand up for themselves. Especially on issues such as childcare, education and other subjects not traditionally talked about in politics.

To keep the peace

A common saying is that ‘if women ruled the world, we’d have world peace’… As exaggerated as this may be, our society desperately needs to find peace and stop the constant wars. For example, women working in our armed forces focus on keeping the peace and we need female leaders who can do the same.

To transform our economy

As women, we have a unique relationship with creation and understand that the earth’s resources are not finite. According to Aggregate Effects of Gender Gaps in the Labor Market: “It is estimated that gender gaps cost the economy some 15 percent of GDP.” Our current economy is highly destructive, so it’s important that we move to a more sustainable capitalism style of economy, rather than continuing with this short-sighted, smash and grab lifestyle we are currently living.

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