5 foods to increase your metabolism

Is it just me or does anyone else go to the gym frequently, eat healthily (most of the time), drink water and do all the things that you are told to do in order to look and feel great but never see any results? I am constantly trying new work out programmes, currently I’m trying The Rock’s Hercules work out in order to achieve my goal of becoming one of those normal-fitness-fanatics-turned-Instagram-wonder figures.

After frantically searching the internet for quick fixes and ideas on how to achieve my aim I realised how much my slow metabolism is a recurring issue. With summer fast approaching I am willing to try anything to see the results I want so I went 2 weeks only eating foods that could help speed up my metabolism, here are the five different foods that boosted my metabolism which are now part of my diet.


Now apples are not one of my favourite fruits so introducing them to my diet was pretty boring if I’m completely honest. However, I started to experiment with having them in different ways. So instead of loading a pancake with Nutella I went for stewed apples with cinnamon. Or instead of just having banana in my yogurt and oats I had apples which gave a very interesting texture to the whole situation.

Brown pasta/rice

This was probably the hardest thing to change in my diet. Anyone who knows me well knows that I eat an obscene amount of pasta. Having brown rice or pasta instead of white will keep you trim and get rid of that bloat as well as increasing your metabolism.


Fishy oils such as salmon can help your body process food more effectively. The Australian PT Kayla Itsines says: “Salmon is so good for you. Full of protein and omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is the perfect post-workout meal for lunch or dinner.” Jennifer Aniston’s chefs Jewels and Jill suggest marinating it in lemon zest, shallot, and fennel, which even turned Jen from a hater into a fan.


Every time I came in from a workout I had a boiled egg. This was in no way a chore, I have a strange obsession with boiled eggs, probably stemming from having them three times a day in Thailand. Eggs contain choline that helps to stop the body from producing fat around your liver. The genius behind Clean Eating Alice says: “Eggs are one of my favourite foods, high in protein and fats they will keep you feeling full for longer. And they go well with so many different things.”


I would literally eat avocado with anything but this is something that you need to eat in moderation. If you are on a diet, an avocado would be seen as a sin so keep that in mind. I have found that avocado is best with chicken and eggs which come under foods that could speed up your metabolism so it’s a win win!

Hopefully this will give you an insight into foods that can work with your body instead of against it. My stomach isn’t bloated anymore and my skin looks much healthier. Remember that if you are trying out different types of food to see their effects on your body, you must keep up the exercise up because that is the main thing that will speed up your metabolism. And remember always stay happy and healthy.


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